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photo of Nutra-Lift® HYALURONIC HYDRA MIST Hydrogen + Super Anti-Oxidants Defense BODY & FACE Moisture With Soft Sensous Scent photo of Nutra-Lift® HYDROGEN Shield & Protect Super Anti-Oxidant Alkaline WATER MAKER 500ML
HYALURONIC HYDRA MIST Hydrogen + Super Anti-Oxidants Defense BODY & FACE moisture with soft sensuous scent... AN IMMEDIATE RESCUE for dull, dry & stressed out skin. Hyaluronic Acid, the gold standard in skin hydration, along with rose flower, cucumber water, ginger, vitamin C, Hydrogenated Alkaline water & colloidal minerals to deeply replenish essential moisture, calm redness & boost cellular vitality for a radiant, revitalized look. With Colloidal Silver to help prevent breakouts. There’s a subtle lemon verbena & orange blossom scent that’s as revitalizing as the Mist itself.

SKIN TYPES: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive
SKIN CONCERN: Dehydrated, Sensitized Skin, Acne-prone, Aging skin
FEATURES: A hydrating facial mist FEATURES: A hydrating facial mist that is clinically proven to strengthen the skin’s barrier and immediately reduce visible redness. A botanical blend of Organic Aloe Water*, Rose Hydrosol, Cucumber Hydrosol, full spectrum D-Alpha Tocopherol Organic Vitamin E*, Olive Leaf*, Green Tea,* Boabab Extract*, Kakadu Plum*, and Elderberry Extract* that soothes and calms the skin, while a 7.5% blend of hyaluronic acid, sodium pca and glycerin helps draw and retain water in the skin. This friction-free facial mist is easy to layer, complements every regimen, and can be reapplied throughout the day, even over makeup, for all-day hydration. PLUS and array of amino acids to strengthen the skin. *USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
BENEFITS: Immediately reduces visible redness by 31%
Delivers immediate and all-day hydration
Soothes and hydrates sensitive skin
Clinically proven to reduce visible redness post-laser, post exfoliations.
Hygienic, touchless format

ABOUT THE HYALURONIC ACID; Concentrated blend of multiple hyaluronic acid. Contains medium, low, oligo, high and very high molecular weights to form stereoscopic sponge-like structures for comprehensive multi-level skin care. Average molecular weight 215kDa.

  • Very high molecular weight/high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate form an invisible and dense protective film on the surface of the skin helping to trap moisture and prevent external pollution and haze.
  • Medium molecular sodium hyaluronate adheres to the surface of the skin to soften the stratum corneum making the skin feels soft and smooth
  • Low-molecular and oligo molecular sodium hyaluronate combat preliminary aging, increase skin elasticity, and penetrate into the skin for deep hydration and nourishment

  • SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE; The developed defense mechanism, or snail secretion, produced by the Helix Lucorum, is an organic compound containing allantoin, collagen, elastin and glycolic acid. These compounds are highly beneficial in helping the skin appear brighter, smoother and more rejuvenated. Thus, snail secretions seem to be a natural fit in the cosmetic industry.

    The constituents of snail secretion filtrate favor the correct assembly of fibronectin, which enhances the structure of the extracellular matrix. The secretion also facilitates the reconstruction of the skin’s matrix through three mechanism of action on collagen fibers: It enhances enzymatic activity of collagenase, it provides copper-haemocyanin, which enhances the oxygen necessary for proper collagen function and it delivers structural support to fibronectin. Additionally, snail secretion filtrate restores the elastic fibers in the skin’s extracellular matrix by enhancing the enzymatic activity of both collagenase and gelatinase. This promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts, which provide structural support. Furthermore, snail secretion filtrate increases the ability of the dermis to take in and hold water, while also improving the formation of fibroplasia, and providing hyaluronic acid to the skin.

HYDROGEN AKALINE WATER: skincare with the hydrogen molecule as a key ingredient. How is hydrogen beneficial to the skin?

Young skin cells are characterized by high energy and energy is needed for repair and for ingestion of nutrients and expelling waste. Old cells have low energy, poor repair and their ability to utilize nutrients and remove waste is compromised. Hydrogen will power and recharge the cells bringing them back to a more youthful level, restoring the ability to repair, ingest nutrients and remove waste more efficiently, all of which add up to the reversal of the aging process.

In addition to its topical benefits, studies have shown that drinking hydrogen-rich water leads to:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Faster travel recovery by overcoming the effects of jet lag
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Rapid recovery from energy expenditure
  • Beneficial effects on all organ systems including the skin

What makes hydrogen better at hydrating skin than other ingredients in our moisturizers, like botanical oils or hyaluronic acid? Underlying dryness of the skin is always an inflammatory process. Hydrogen is a molecule that acts as an antioxidant anti-inflammatory. Hydrogen rapidly penetrates all layers of the skin and by turning off inflammation, the skin is able to hydrate much more rapidly than with hydration alone.

ABOUT the SCENT; a soft natural & organic fragrance infused with the following Organic Lemon Verbena*, Organic Orange Blossom*, Organic Rose*, Organic Lavender*. *USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Fortified with the Power of Therapeutic Essential Oils. CONTAINS NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE.
Directions: In the morning, apply to clean skin, before you apply any other product. You want the skin to drink in the hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients. Then, mist it over your face throughout the day to refresh skin and makeup, and provide a veil of protection from skin-damaging environmental elements. CLOSE EYES BEFORE SPRAYING. Can Also be applied with cotton swab after cleansing as a super anti-oxidant toner, and before Appling skin care treatments Skin test 24 hours before use.If reaction discontinue use.
Ingredients: Purified Hydrogenated Alkaline Water, Organic Aloe water*, Rose Flower Hydrosol, Kosher Organic Glycerin* from coconut, Cucumber Hydrosol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid, Full Spectrum D-Alpha Tocopherol Organic Vitamain E*, Organic Green Tea*, Organic Rose Hips*, Organic Passion Flower*, Organic Milk Thistle*, Acai Fruit Water, Organic Olive Leaf Extract*, Boabab Extract*, Kakadu Plum*, Witch Hazel*, Elderberry Extract*, Zinc Gluconate, Glycine, Serine, Proline, Valine, Xylitol, Histidine, Copper Gluconate, Isoleucine, Arginine, Alanine, Aspartic Acid, Threonine, Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, Colloidal Minerals, Colloidal Silver, Ginger Extract*, Sodium PCA, Organic Lemon (hydrosol) Verbena*, Organic Orange (hydrosol) Blossom*, Organic Rose (hydrosol) *, Organic Lavender*. *USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC
Improve your health by drinking Alkaline Hydrogen Anti-Oxidant enriched water, With the most Advanced PEM Technology on the market! Hydrogen now Considered the Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant.
NUTRA-LIFT Protect & Shield Hydrogen Water Makers are produced by Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd, a leading high-tech environmentally friendly factory producing air purifiers, hydrogen water makers and other healthcare products. Produced by Olansi Healthcare. Most Hydrogen Water bottle products on the market under $100 as most likely Not PEM Technology. PEM technology utilizes a solid polymer electrolyte membrane and an applied current to separate hydrogen (via protons) and oxygen from water. The electrons are then transported from the anode electrode to the cathode electrode via the electrical circuit. Electrolyze technologies. Produces alkaline water: PH value of between 7.35 - 9.5 range.

RENOWN DR Nicholas Perricone "Looking at the epidemiology, if we had a nation on HYDROGEN WATER, the savings to the Healthcare system would be enormous. Energy Levels improve and their energy levels improve are feeling Much Better"

PEM tech helps get safer and pure hydrogen-rich water !

NUTRA-LIFT Protect & Shield Hydrogen Water Bottle / Machine / Generator is equipped with PEM Tech using a proton exchange membrane, which can prevent the waste gas from entering the drinking water, causing water pollution. I often hear that some customers who drink hydrogen water complain that their hydrogen water contains a bad smell. In fact, this is caused by the inability to discharge the electrolytic waste gas. Common waste gases such as ozone and residual chlorine are not recommended for human consumption. It will not only destroy the effect of drinking hydrogen water, but also increase the burden on the body. Therefore, you must choose a hydrogen water generator with PEM tech to ensure that you get pure hydrogen water.

Olansi Healthcare has over 10 years’ experience, boasting an integrated research and development program consisting of 30 engineers, 11 laboratories, an advanced production plant and cutting-edge equipment overseen by a quality-control and management system.
Olansi achieved UL, CE, ROHS, CB, ERP NSF, CQC and various other international certifications.
Cultivating our Own HEALING POTENTIAL
Hydrogen is considered the ULTIMATE antioxidant. It is a powerful cell signalling molecule with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Hydrogen is so small, that it is able to diffuse freely across membranes, making its way into our cells. Therefore, hydrogen is also able to cross the blood-brain barrier which is important because it’s the inside of the cell where hydrogen performs its magic.
Another fascinating property of hydrogen, is that it is a selective antioxidant, meaning that it will only target harmful free radicals.
Since the publication of the first Hydrogen (H₂) paper in Nature Medicine in 2007, the biological effects of H₂ have been confirmed by the publication [1] of more than 38 diseases, physiological states and clinical tests in leading biological/medical journals, and several groups have started clinical examinations.
Additionally, H₂ shows not only effects against oxidative stress, but also various anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.
H₂ is comparable to a skeleton key that unlocks your body’s master systems to maintain homeostasis and promote healthy immune function.
Molecular hydrogen fights free radicals in our body and protects our cells from the effects of oxidative stress (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4704061/)
In an eight-week study in 49 people receiving radiation therapy for liver cancer, half the participants were instructed to drink 1,500 – 2,000 ml of hydrogen-enriched water per day.
At the end of the trial, those who consumed the hydrogen water experienced decreased levels of hydroperoxide — a marker of oxidative stress — and maintained greater antioxidant activity after radiation treatment than the control group
H₂ has marked therapeutic and preventive effects on many diseases such as cancer [2], sepsis [3], cardiovascular disease [4], brain and neurological disorders [5], diabetes [6], and metabolic syndrome [7].
PREVENTS Free Radical Damage
Free radicals weaken the resistance of cells, making the body more susceptible to bacteria and germs.
Produce chemical substances that damage cells and may form carcinogenic substances.
Inhibits the normal development of cells and interfere with their recovery function.
Destroys DNA tissue in the body, disrupting the operation and regeneration of cells.
Destroys the mitochondria (energy storage body) in the cell, causing oxidative fatigue.
Damage cell membranes and interfere with cell metabolism.
Destroys proteins and enzymes in the body, leading to inflammation and pre-mature ageing.
Causes lipid peroxidation, resulting in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.
Produces hydrogen rich water: more than 600 PPB hydrogen content
Production of negative potential: negative potential content of up to 200mv
Produces alkaline water: pH value of between 7.35 - 9.5 range
Rich in trace elements: potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc
Cup body material: EASTMAN TRITAN
Easy to clean
Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode, ensure efficient electrolysis, and an extended life span of product
Lithium battery
Portable & rechargeable
Dimensions: 70x70x270mm
Weight: 310g

PEM tech helps get safer and pure hydrogen-rich water Hydrogen Water Bottle / Machine / Generator is equipped with PEM Tech using a proton exchange membrane, which can prevent the waste gas from entering the drinking water, causing water pollution. I often hear that some customers who drink hydrogen water complain that their hydrogen water contains a bad smell. In fact, this is caused by the inability to discharge the electrolytic waste gas. Common waste gases such as ozone and residual chlorine are not recommended for human consumption. It will not only destroy the effect of drinking hydrogen water, but also increase the burden on the body. Therefore, you must choose a hydrogen water generator with PEM tech to ensure that you get pure hydrogen water.

DIRECTIONS; Very Easy to use. Rinse Bottle with DISTLLED of Filtered pure water, then add water to top shoulder of bottle. Screw on Lid. Plug into Electrical outlet or a USB port on your computer for power. Push in recess button for power to turn on, light will appear on bottom inside of bottle. In about 5 minute it will give off a buzz sound when the water is finished. You will know the hydrogen process is working, just by watching fine bubbles rise up from base of bottle, and move upward thru water.

CLEANING & FOR THE HYDROGEN BOTTLE Basically it not needed frequently, since the Hydrogen Sterilizes the Bottle. No chemicals, vinegar, or soaps should be used with a Hydrogen Bottle as well as NO harsh additives for Cleaning or “Back Flushing”. WHAT IS RECOMENDED every 6 - 12 months use (depending on frequency of use), is soaking the bottom 1/4 of bottle ( about 4 oz water) in a "Solution of 25% CITRIC ACID & Distilled Water" for about 30 minutes. This will get rid of any mineral residues building up in the hydrogen making mechanism, Citric Acid ( a gentle pure & natural preservative) is in-expensive & easy to find in most grocery stores.

SIMPLY use Disstilled water which you buy in-expensively in a supermarket.

When it has not been used for a long time, The only thing you do with this type of bottle is to rinse it with WARM DISTILLED water. The Hydrogen making process works to disinfect any possible minor contamination from not being in-use. You may make one bottle, for cleansing purposes & throw it out, then resume another bottle for consumption.
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