Younger You Inc. TA / Nutra-Lift® and Natures-Lift™ Skin Care


What makes the Nutra-Lift® / Natures-Lift™ products so outstanding is the delicate balance achieved between the best of science and the very best of nature. Using the finest NON GMO natural & organic ingredients the world has to offer, combined with the latest advances in research and technology, the Nutra-Lift™ line of cosmecuetical products guarantee maximum results. Many of the ingredients have been clinically proven with effectual results. All Nutra-Lift® products are non-comedegenic, do not block pores and good for all skin types The Natures-Lift™ products are cruelty free and made with the highest percentage and potency of ingredients. . .“It’s not about expensive packaging, but the very best, high quality skin care, at the best possible price." All Products are Made in CERTIFIED ORGANIC Facilities.

,And the results are magical. Now over 100 Nutra-Lift® products are now sold in over 30 countries with sales increasing at a rate of 25% per year. Many customers who have tried nearly everything skin care treatment, indicate that the Nutra-Lift® / Natures-Lift™ products are the very best they have ever used. New & innovative products are always being developed to meet the world demand. The latest products include a full line of natural and organic one step make-up foundations., that do much more that any make-up on he market. The Nutra-Lift® / Natures-Lift™ products are sold ON-Line in the USA & Canada, and also now distributed in many countries by Doctors, Pharmacist, Spas & Specialty Salons worldwide, such as Germany, the Netherlands, 17 countries of Africa, The Middle East, Italy, Lithuania, the former Soviet Union , Asia and with the latest upcoming markets in South America.

ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN USA by FDA licensed Authorization, Made in CERTIFIED ORGANIC Facilities, with sourced ingredients only from the USA. Our Products are Cruelty FREE and not tested on animals.