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photo of Nutra-Lift® Herbal Nonsoap Face Cleanser (4 oz. bottle) photo of Nutra-Lift® NEW FORMULA Silver Plus Ultra Facial Toner Soothing Oil Reducing Antibacterial (4oz bottle) photo of Nutra-Lift® Acne Defense "Good For All Ages"
photo of Nutra-Lift® Glycolic 10% Non Soap CLEANSER Plus VITAMIN C & POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANTS 4 oz. photo of Nutra-Lift® Blemish Defense Trio-Pack photo of Nutra-Lift® Herbal Nonsoap Face Cleanser ( 8 OZ ) Pump Supplied
Nutra-Lift® SIMPLY CLEAN Organic Coconut Milk Cleanser + Collodial Oats 8 oz photo of Nutra-Lift® Glycolic 10% NON SOAP CLEANSER Plus Vitamin C & Powerful Antioxidants (Pump Supplied) 8 OZ photo of Nutra-Lift® Gift Set #4 Acne Treatments
photo of Nutra-Lift® HYDROGEN Shield & Protect Super Anti-Oxidant Alkaline WATER MAKER 500ML

Natural Acne Face Wash & Acne Spot Treatment

Reduce flare-ups and cleanse oily skin with our facial cleansers for acne. Excess oils and bacteria can settle into your pores and inflame your skin, causing acne lesions. Our acne face washes cleanse the oils and bacteria from your pores to reduce inflammation and freshen your skin. As a result, you'll have fewer breakouts and a reduced chance of scarring.

Each product uses the power of natural ingredients like ginger, chamomile, lemon seed, wheat germ and rosehips to protect and nourish your skin. Cleanse your skin with our face washes, then use acne spot treatments during breakouts. Once your acne heals, you can continue using our products to moisturize your skin, fight the signs of aging and retain a natural glow.