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Silver Plus Ultra Facial Toner (4oz bottle)
Our Price: $24.00

With the amazing anti-bacterial ionic silver, this formula significantly helps heal & reduce inflammation and irritation created from bacteria, harsh facial treatments or cleansers. Helps reduce acne conditions. Silver Plus not only oxygenates the skin but helps reduce oil. Plus the anti-aging & nutritional benefits of Vitamin C Ester, grape seed extract, pycogenol, Co-Q 10, Vitamin A , nourishing ginger & colloidal minerals. Helps eliminate skin waste with extra cleansing & anti-bacterial action, to brighten, refresh, & restore proper pH balance. Good for all skin types.
Firming Toner Plus Peptides NEW & IMPROVED
Our Price: $24.00

New Firming Toner Plus With Collagen & Elastin. Firms, Tightens & Mildly Exfoliates. Maximum Anti-Oxidant Formula plus seaweed, white cranberry & pomegranate . Excellent freshener for mature, sensitive or dry skin. Can be used day or night after cleansing to remove traces of make-up or other residue. Prepares the skin for other anti-aging treatments.
Oxygen Toner Plus (4oz)
Our Price: $24.00

The Oxygen Plus Toner freshens, brightens, and helps establish proper PH levels for the skin. It also helps eliminate skin impurities & waste. A toner that can be used every day for extra cleansing . Helps reduce oil . The mild anti-bacterial properties also help prevent minor breakouts.
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